I have worked with Dr Heaton on everything from trauma cases to delicate hernias, and I can say with confidence that he is among the most skilled and caring surgeons I have worked with in nearly a decade in the operating room. He is the top pick when staff members have surgery- we trust him with our families and ourselves and I recommend him wholeheartedly!

Kate, RN

I had been ill and in discomfort for several months before seeing Dr. Heaton. He was very kind and knew what was wrong with me right away. After an expertly done procedure I was back to feeling like a million bucks and I have Dr. Heaton to thank for that.


I would strongly recommend Dr. Bren Heaton as a surgeon to anyone who wanted to be under the care of a compassionate and skilled surgeon.

I had been having some severe pain for a few days that landed me in the Emergency Room and a diagnosis of "gallstones". My gallbladder was filled with marble sized stones. As the stubborn that nurse I am, I figured I can handle this. I know what to do and what not to eat and I'll be okay, no need to see a doctor just yet.

Well, couple weeks later I landed myself for round two in the ER with same symptoms only worse, I was miserable and knew I needed to see a surgeon. I had heard many great things about Dr. Heaton and I called the office, and they got me scheduled to see him that next day. I was so relieved they could get me in so fast. Dr. Heaton came in, sat down and took the time to look over my records, listened to me, and gave me my options and his recommendation to do surgery. I was terrified to have surgery, but knew it needed to be done and I trusted him. He put me on the schedule for surgery the following week. I was visited by him prior to them taking me to surgery (knowing that I was very nervous), ensuring that everything would be okay and I'd be so much better when I was done. Dr. Heaton and his team took great care of me from calming my nerves prior to surgery, checking on me before I was discharged home and even had a couple of follow up calls to make sure things were going well at home few days after surgery. Dr. Heaton is a very skilled surgeon and comes highly recommended by many, I knew that I was in good hands but he also showed me compassionate bedside manner and took time to listen to me as a patient. I'd highly recommend Dr. Heaton for your surgical needs.


As a nurse working with several other surgeons, and have taken care of multiple post-operative patients of Dr. Heaton`s, I confidently sought out Dr. Heaton for my procedure. I, as well as many others, had a great outcome! An important detail to my family was that prior to the procedure he took the extra time to make my overly cautious husband feel safe and confident with me being in his care.


In 2014 I was having severe abdominal pain with no relief. Through a coworker at the hospital, it was recommended I discuss my symptoms with Dr. Heaton. He was attentive to my needs and ordered the appropriate testing to diagnose me, with surgery to remove my gallbladder shortly after. From consultation to post op, the care I received from Dr. Heaton was exceptional. He is very thorough and professional, with a bedside manner that cannot be beat. He explained everything in detail, but simple enough for anyone to understand. My surgical outcome was unremarkable. Since that time, I have recommended Dr. Heaton to many of my family and friends, all of which have had great experiences with him.

Nerea, BSN, RN

I have worked in the operating room as a surgical tech for 7 years and much of that time was spent assisting Dr. Heaton. He is a highly skilled and knowledgeable surgeon, he is compassionate with his patients and I would trust my family in his care.

Melissa, CST

I was referred to Dr Bren Heaton to repair triple hernia and i am so glad he was wonderful and His nurse Nicole is amazing I cant thank them enough I would highly recommend them

Robert T