Skin lesion removal is a procedure to remove the lesion. A skin lesion is an area of the skin that is different than the surrounding skin. This can be a lump, sore, or an area of skin that is not normal. It may also be a skin cancer.

Which procedure you have depends on the location, size, and type of lesion. It can be done in the clinic procedure room or in the operating room depending on size and location of the lesion. The removed lesion is then sent to the Pathologist where it is examined under a microscope.

You will receive some type of numbing medicine (anesthetic) before the procedure In the skin and area of excision. You will have dissolvable stiches and can shower the next day. We will follow up with you in 2-3 weeks, but feel free to call with any questions or concerns at any time.

Some reasons to remove a skin lesion include:

  • To make a diagnosis
  • To improve the cosmetic appearance
  • To relieve symptoms (if a lesion is tender or prone to being bumped)
  • To remove an inflamed or frequently infected lesion