Sometimes, the abdominal wall is weakened due to multiple previous surgeries resulting in the formation of complex hernias and/ or the return of a previously repaired hernia. In these cases, Dr. Heaton can use the tissues of the abdominal wall along with mesh(synthetic/biologic) to repair the abdominal wall. Advanced abdominal wall reconstruction is a surgical procedure used to restore the structural and functional integrity of the abdominal muscles.

Advanced abdominal wall reconstruction is most often performed on patients who have had unsuccessful hernia repair operations. The goal of abdominal wall reconstruction is to treat any open wounds in the abdominal wall, restructure the tissues, and reinforce the integrity of the muscles.

Advanced abdominal wall reconstruction may be recommended for patients who experience the following:

  • Recurrent hernias
  • Incisional hernias
  • Infection that develops after a surgery
  • Wound that develops after a hernia repair

It is important to adhere to all postoperative instructions as well as schedule and attend all necessary follow-up appointments.